Madaba celebration World Tourism Day, World Cleanup Day and Madaba Arab Tourism Capital 2022


We will celebrate World Tourism Day and World Cleanup Day this year in Madaba - Arab Tourism Capital 2022 - our pilot project, along with our partners from public sector (MOTA and JTB and Madaba governorate and municipalities), private sector and Madaba community. 


The program will include:


- Clean up of the central area in Madaba downtown by volunteers and local businesses.

- Clean up of areas around schools and mosques by the respective schools and mosques.

- Clean up in select locations in the other municipalities (Mkawer, Tall Theeban, Faslieh forest and the road from Madaba to Mt. Nebo) to be open for corporates and various volunteers.

- 5 sessions with the Gaming Lab for children of 9-11 including 1 group of children with disability, and 4 groups of girls and boys from King Abdallah II schools for Excellence in Madaba that is used to create awareness on environment. The lab bus will be there to create interactive engagement with the students, using interactive electronic games one of which is especially designed for Madaba Governorate.

- Reading and awareness session for children of 10-13 from HWL tourism and environmental education program which will include book reading on the topic and interactive environmental basketball game and will be stationed at the Visitor’s center as well.

- Showcasing an “environmental” Mosque as an example of the role of mosques and religious establishments in promoting sustainability.


We look forward to seeing you there.

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