The Environmental Awarness and Tourism Program & E-learning platform

Himmeh w Lammeh, with the support of Bank Al Etihad, launched the Environmental Tourism Awareness Program, targeting both youth and women.


The aim of the program is to develop environmental awareness and highlight the importance “being gentle and kind to ourselves and to every living creature around us”.  This belief is the pillar that the program hinges on.  Kindness is what we aim to instill and hopefully it will affect how people will act towards themselves, their society, and their environment. The youth and womens’ programs will run simultaneously so that both the women/mothers and youth participants will learn new information together and be able to discuss these topics in their households.

The youth program was developed by the Himmeh w Lammeh team based on the “I Can”

educational book series and multimedia content, produced by Ghada Yousef Muasher.

The process took over eight months of research and the consolidation of information from multiple scientific specializations within the team and from multiple outside experts.  The intention was to reach the latest information related to environmental conditions in Jordan, and to integrate procedures and best practices to control the problem of indiscriminate littering and to spread awareness throughout local communities to bring about sustainable and positive behavior change.


The four segments of the youth program are taught in a planned sequence and target adolescents from the ages 10 to 15 years old and includes four educational axes that rely in their content on systematic learning activities.


  • The first axis focuses on self-confidence, personal empowerment, the importance of teamwork, and the role of school and parents in helping young people achieve their dreams.
  • The second axis focuses on the sense of belonging, patriotism and the vocational opportunities they can find by protecting and developing local touristic sites.
  • The third axis focuses on the importance of maintaining ecological balance and protecting the unique biodiversity found in Jordan. It also highlights optimal behaviors for handling waste, of all kinds, at the level of individuals and local communities.
  • The fourth and final axis, links a balanced and clean environment with human and animal health. As well as, emphasizes that happiness and wellness is directly linked to a clean  and balanced environment.



The womens’ program was designed for women who are mothers, sisters, and acquaintances of the participating youth and will be taught in conjunction with the youth program. It was authored and designed by Salam Almoghraby, a holistic therapist and perm culturalist and a Himmeh w Lammeh member, with help from experts in the training field. The womens’ program consists of nine topics starting from a journey into the self, then expanding into society and the environment, then the program focuses on what steps and actions we can take to safeguard the health of our planet. It provides women with a simple and practical guide to helping ourselves, our society, and our environment.  


To further assure the success of the program, Bank al Etihad will also support the implementation of The Environmental Awareness & Tourism Program through our partners, The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), in three initial locations, as a pilot project with plans to expand to 15 locations the following year.

Bank al Etihad support includes:


  1. Developing HWL’s Environmental & Tourism Awareness Program for women and youth.
  2. Training the trainers of the Hashemite Jordanian Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) and the Friends of Jordan Society for the purpose of implementing the program in their centers.
  3. Supporting the implementation of the HWL’s Environmental & Tourism Awareness Program in the selected centers and providing training supplies.
  4. Developing the Himmeh w Lammeh website and e-learning platform.
  5. Collaborating with Himmeh w Lammeh in developing and boosting a social media campaign to spread environmental awareness throughout the Kingdom.


The Himmeh w Lammeh team, in partnership with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund, is looking forward to also, establishing “Knights of the Environment” teams from the targeted communities, including parents and trainers, to carry the banner of change in their local communities.


The launch of this project will take place on September, 27th of 2021 in the Madaba governorate to come as a complement to the "Madaba: As a Pioneering Model” Project.